Freelance – I am a freelance journalist and communications consultant, I specialise in communicating complex matters in clear, plain English.

This blog is to keep track of my published works, and to use as a platform for unpublished ones.

Interests – My main areas of expertise are Irish and European politics. I am particularly interested in women’s and youth activism. I contributed regularly to Youth Media and the Irish Presidency this year, on topics as diverse as gender equality and living in Brussels. I used the opportunity to upskill, particularly in the area of photography.

Local I am always on the look-out for matters of local interest. I live in Celbridge, a historic village near Dublin. I have had a number of articles published in our local papers, mainly on local sporting figures and school kids doing well at national and international events.

Background My CV to date is varied. I hold a first-class honours degree in Politics from NUI Maynooth, and worked in political communications before turning freelance in 2013. I previously worked in both Dáil and Seanad Éireann, and in the European Parliament in Brussels.

About me personally –  I speak passable German and a little French, and I greatly enjoy travelling around Europe by train. In the past year I’ve visited Berlin, Aachen & Cologne in Germany, Zagreb, Split & Pula in Croatia, Venice in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Maastricht in the Netherlands, London and Holyhead in the UK, and Ljubjana in Slovenia. I’ve travelled through the Alps, and the Eurostar tunnel – which for some reason I imagined would be made of thick glass like in an aqua dome. It isn’t, sadly. I hope some day soon to venture beyond the borders of Europe.


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